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So yeah... opened my Y!Gallery account like almost a month ago... cool people there XD 

Still bringing the fanarts links here... need to do something to stop my anxiety over going to live with my aunt out of town... and without PC *horrified*

It's illustration what I'm taking... it's worth it... sacrificed but worth it.

Just a few though... too lazy to upload them all... >.>

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FFVII - Cloud & Sephiroth

Because my inner fangirl is just screaming to share this... man, I can REALLY die in peace now... I swear, Youtube is gonna break the Internet XD!!!!!!

Also a bonus one for the ones into RenoRude *o*  plus a little bonus I'm sure will either make you laugh your ass off or make you throw up o.O

And finally a couple Feilong fanart for those Viewfinder lovers XD!!

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Shitty IE >.<;;

And it looks to me that the new layout looks a bit shitty on Internet Explorer... in mine the pic's cut out on the phrase part >.<;;;; but it looks perfectly fine in Firefox O.o;;

Any of you seeing it like that too?
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Allright... someone just tell me how the heck does Paypal works! >.<;;;

Allright, being a member of lots of communities where people sell things and stuff... I see the main source they use for that is... glorious Paypal. And, on an big fat irony, the guy I'm working for as a character designer for his manga is sending me my pay... through *glorious* Paypal. And I don't have a friggin' clue how it works *tears hair out*.

Allright, before you go on saying I'm a lazy ass who couldn't even go to their website and read their FAQ or something, I did. So I need a credit or debit card to do so... but how does the whole thing work? and how my boss will send me the money through it? ack my braincelss are so fried... must stop reading so much Rude/Reno fluff... and smut =///////////= *popped out of nowhere FFVII fangirl o.O;;*

So... please?... any help? <font size=0.5>Got any pills there too? >.<;;;</font>
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Kazuki's GIG Live DVD on preorder!?

Dang... it has been AGES since I update this journal... *hides*

But got pretty damn good reasons to XDDDDDDDDDD

First of all *composes self* Kazuki's GIG Live DVD is out to preorder~!! for anyone interested, go and grab it at yeasia ^^

I SOOO hope someone rips this... cause man, I can bet my brand new enzo angiolini boots that this DVD is gonna be off the friggin' hook... I mean... it's Kato we're talking about! he's sex on legs!

I can't wait to see this guy peforming and growing in his singing carreer!... he's gonna do just great!

*goes back to incoherent babbling over Saitou and KenKen interview*
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Going to Santo Domingo...

Tomorrow I'm going to Santo Domingo to get the hell on my teeth: Bracers *cries*

But nah, just what aatash told me about translating Kato's blog made me really happy XDDDD
After watching HyoMyu I just can't get enough of this guy... I'm pulling my hair out for watching DL3... it's gonna be awesome... and very sad as well... awww *sniffes*

Anyways... on my way to get that scholarship to Japan... wish me luck! ^O^
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Good bye Guys... We'll meet again!!! ^_^

Wow... it's hardly believeable that our loving Tenimyu guys are leaving... that we won't see them again playing the characters that PoT made us love so much, that we won't see them making their silly jokes and funny little pranks in the backstages... it's just very sad... I'm in comlete denial... and to think I actually didn't like the new cast, at all, cause I was, and still am, so much in love with the old cast, but this one, from Summer Hyouteimyu up, really grew up on me, they stepped up and proved they could be different and still receive the same love the old cast received... they did it, for that I'm so proud... but so sad to see them go...

Everything that starts has an end... I wouldn't like to apply that now, but it's certainly happening. Now, as good fans we are, gotta keep supporting them in whatever they do, although it won't be the same, gotta be there for them, they made us enjoy so much, it's time for us to pay back. Let's let them know we're there for them, and support them 'till the very end!

Even if you're leaving now guys, we'll never forget you!!! Gambatte!!!
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Semestrals... finally over!!!

Thank Goodness the semestrals are over... am still scared about the chemistry test... on monday I'll be picking up my grades, so am still praying to God for them to be ok... anyways, heard of this awesomely cute and sexy shounen-ai anime... Gravitation? *allrite, dumb question...* Anyways, for the ones that already saw all the episodes and the OVAs, then check out its remixes! one thing: High-pitched, explicit, horny yaoi LOL! On those happens everything you didn't see on the series... there are 11 in total, and dang that's just some hot stuff lol!!! For the ones that want it just let me know, I'll upload them asap ^^

PS: Now, there's this EXTREMELY explicit one called Megamix... definitely not for heart-weak people... you'd shurely get a heart attack lol!!!

The ones that saw these pieces of hot art lol, what did you think of it? XD
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